Graubaers Boker at the 2012 American Working Malinois Association National Competition tion National Competition

Fabian Robinson and Graubaer’s Boker picture taken by Donna Haynes, Dog Sport awards

The 2012 American Working Malinois Association National Championship  held in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Nov. 9-11. The competition was a success with good weather and a great turnout. The AWMA was hosted by the Motor City Working Dog club and had a great crew of helpers and Judges. There was plenty of competitive Malinois and a good amount of spectators. We are proud to have been able to be apart of this great competition.

Graubaer’s Boker and his Handler and trainer Fabian Robinson have been extremely busy lately from the “CBS Person of Interest “filming to competitions. We were so proud after all that is going on how well Graubaer’s Boker performed. Fabian Robinson and Boker showed up ready to give 110 percent and were rewarded for it. They took home first place in IPO3 with nearly perfect scores in all 3 categories. Graubaer’s Boker scored a 97 in Tracking 95 in Protection and 95 in Obedince  with a total score of 287. We are also happy to announce Boker and Fabian will be apart of the USA  world Malanois dog team. We are very proud of Graubaer’s Boker and Fabian Robinson and are looking forward to see whats next for our Superdog. You can follow us on our Facebook page, Youtube and our Main website.

Graubaer’s Boker at AWMA National Championship photo taken by Cindy Easton Rhodes


About graubaer'sboker

I am a purebreed belgian Malionois male super dog. Iam well trained service dog with my IPO1 and IPO2 certifications achieved and am training now for IPO3. I compete mostly on the east coast and live and train here too. I come from a long line of champions my dad is well recognized world champion
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