Graubaer’s Boker Breeding in the Spring

We will be breeding Graubaer’s Boker in the Spring of 2013 and we already have a few females chosen. Graubaer’s Boker has proven his amazing ability and talent and we want to pick the right female for him to bred with. We have some fine females in house already and we definitely will be breeding Graubaer’s Boker in the Spring of 2013. Graubaer’s Boker just won the AWMA National Championship and the Northeast Regional Championship this summer. Graubaer’s Boker is also starring along side the main characters of  CBS’s hit show “Person of Interest”. We don’t want Graubaer’s Boker to lose focus right now so we will wait till spring to breed him. We want to breed him with only comparable blood lines Boker comes from a championship bloodline and is an amazing dog in all aspects. You can check more out about Graubaer’s Bloodline here and some of his accomplishments also. There is no doubt his offspring will have some real potential just like his Father and mother. The female we plan to bred with is “Nena V.D. Annahenhof”. We are excited about breeding with Boker and we already have people lining up to have a chance to own one of Graubaer’s Boker’s offspring. Check out our website and Facebook some information on our Females we have more information and pictures coming soon.

Nena V.D Annahenhof Videos

 Nena V.D Annahenhof

   Sire  Kukay’s Aiko

I. parents   II. grandparents   III. great-grandparents   IV. great-great-grandparents

Dam  Kukay’s Bianca

I. parents   II. grandparents   III. great-grandparents   IV. great-great-grandparents

We will be posting pictures and videos. She has determanation, discipline and focus. Follow our blog , Facebook and website for more news on upcoming breeding program.

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Graubaers Boker at the 2012 American Working Malinois Association National Competition tion National Competition

Fabian Robinson and Graubaer’s Boker picture taken by Donna Haynes, Dog Sport awards

The 2012 American Working Malinois Association National Championship  held in Bowling Green, Kentucky on Nov. 9-11. The competition was a success with good weather and a great turnout. The AWMA was hosted by the Motor City Working Dog club and had a great crew of helpers and Judges. There was plenty of competitive Malinois and a good amount of spectators. We are proud to have been able to be apart of this great competition.

Graubaer’s Boker and his Handler and trainer Fabian Robinson have been extremely busy lately from the “CBS Person of Interest “filming to competitions. We were so proud after all that is going on how well Graubaer’s Boker performed. Fabian Robinson and Boker showed up ready to give 110 percent and were rewarded for it. They took home first place in IPO3 with nearly perfect scores in all 3 categories. Graubaer’s Boker scored a 97 in Tracking 95 in Protection and 95 in Obedince  with a total score of 287. We are also happy to announce Boker and Fabian will be apart of the USA  world Malanois dog team. We are very proud of Graubaer’s Boker and Fabian Robinson and are looking forward to see whats next for our Superdog. You can follow us on our Facebook page, Youtube and our Main website.

Graubaer’s Boker at AWMA National Championship photo taken by Cindy Easton Rhodes

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American Working Malinois Association National Championship

Graubaer's Boker competting in IPO3 regional Championship

American Working Malinois Association National Competition, Ready to see a whole lot of this

The time has come for the American Working Malinois Association Championship (AWMA).  The AWMA National Championship is going to be held on NoV 9-11 in Bowling Green, Kentucky hosted by “Motor City Working Dogs“. The American Working Malinois Association Championship will feature the top Belgian Malinois Working dogs in the United States. This is the National Championship for Malinois workings dogs competing on all levels from IPO1 to IPO 3 and in all the Internationally recognized events. The competing Malinois will be ranked in Obedience, Tracking and Protection. The competitors will be ranked by approved certified well known judges each will decide rankings for their specific event. This will be a exciting weekend for the top ranked  Malinois and their trainers who have all worked extremely hard to make it to this level. Hopefully the weather and spectator turnout will be good for the American Working Malinois Association championship.

There will be some of the most talented working dogs in the nation on the field and Graubaer’s Boker is proud to be apart of this competition. Graubaer’s Boker has been trainging hard and is looking forward to getting the opportunity to display his talents. Boker will be competing for his second time in the IPO 3 class. We are thankful and proud of  Graubaer’s Boker and Fabian Robinson his trainer, handler and good friend. We will be posting news and information from the AWMA Championship here on our blog, Facebook and Graubaer’s Boker’s main website We want to thank the American Working Malinois Association and the host Motor City Working Dogs Club. We wish everyone the best of luck and hopefully everyone will have a fun and safe weekend in Kentucky.

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Graubaer’s Boker at New York Comic Con with “Person of Interest”

New York Comic Con 2012

Comic Con Convention in New York October 11-14 2012

Comic Con is the largest entertainment convention in the US designed for the fans. ComicCon is big business being hosted in several states and appealing to a international crowd. The New York Comic Con is a annual event held in the Jacob K Javitz convention center since 2006. The Comic Con New York event has sold out every year since then and has continued to grow. Comic Con is a collection of leading artist and creators of comics, graphic novels, anime, manga, video games, toys, movies, and television. Comic Con features a wide array of vendors, creators, actors and artist all in a fan friendly setting. At Comic Con you can get up close with some of the Industry leaders. There is tons of Autograph sessions all day long and most of the guest will take the opportunity to meet with the fans. There is also numerous panels sessions where you can learn more about what it takes to create our favorite forms of entertainment and offers a Q&A session. Comic Con also fills the weekend with sneak peak viewings of upcoming films and television shows months before they are released. This year if you are not one of the people lucky enough to be able to attend Comic Con is streaming some of the panels from IGN theater. New York  Comic Con is sure to be a entertaining weekend and there will be plenty of coverage all over the internet.

We are excited that CBS’s Person of Interest is going to be apart of NY Comic Con 2012. On Saturday October 13 some of the leading actors and the creator will be apart of a panel with a Q&A session and a Autograph signings.”Person of Interest” cast that will be there is  Michael Emerson, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Chapman and Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan along with Graubaer’s Boker will be participating in the New York Comic Con. This is a great opportunity for fans to interact and learn more about the actors and the creation of this great show.  We are proud to be apart of “CBS’s Person of Interest” and excited that Graubaer’s Boker will have chance to be apart of NY Comic Con 2012. Hopefully we will be adding some pictures of the experience and news here and on Graubaer’s Boker’s facebook page.

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Northeast Regional Homestead Championship

Graubaer's Boker on the First Place Block at 2012 Northeastern Regional Championship

Graubaer’s Boker with his handler Fabian Robinson take first place in the 2012 Northeastern Regional Championship

The Northeast Regional Homestead Championship took place on 29-30 2012 in Edison, New Jersey. Northeast Regional Homestead  is a nationally recognized IPO Championship competition. This year was another success with over 30 competitors and some great well known Judges. There was a good amount of competition for each class IPO 1, IPO 2 and IPO 3. The Northeast Regional was a success good weather and location and a great turnout. We had a good time and were very happy with Graubaer’s Boker performance.

Graubaers Boker had a great weekend and gave 110% making us all very proud. Graubaer’s Boker showed his physical endurance and his mental focus. Graubaer Boker competed and achieved his IPO 3 and got nearly perfect scores. He earned a number one podium spot as well as about 6 trophy’s. Graubaer’s Boker’s scores in IPO3 level were 96 in Tracking, a 99 in Obedience and 100 in TrackingGraubaer’s Boker was really a sight to see putting on a great performance that pleased the crowd and the judges.  Graubaer’s Boker trains hard and stays busy he has been working on the set of CBS’s “Person of Interest” for last few weeks, but still got right to business at the competition. Boker is playing a major role as “Bear” in CBS’s television show and is back to the set now he is playing a major role in the show. Boker has a great friendly personality so he is perfect for movies and tv but is a very competitive dog in the sport world too. Graubaer’s Boker will continue to train and will be competing in more competitions coming up soon.

If you want more information on Graubaers Boker check out his Website or follow us here and on Facebook. We will also be adding some videos to Youtube from the competition. If you have any questions you can contact his Owners Brian and China Hamilton at

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Graubaer’s Boker as “Bear” in “Person of Interest” Season 2

Graubaer's Boker as "Bear" with Reese (Jim Caviezel)

Graubaer’s Boker plays “Bear” in “Person of Interest” Season 2

 Graubaer’s Boker plays “Bear” in the CBS series “Person of Interest”.  We are proud and excited to have the opportunity to play a role in this show. Graubaer’s Boker was introduced to the show in the Season 2 premiere on Thursday September 27 as Bear. Graubaer’s Boker ” Bear” seems to have a role right along the side of Reese (Jim Caviezel) a main character.  The “Person of Interest” Series has a great following of fans that are sure to love Boker. Watch “Person of Interest” every Thursday night to see Bear in action.

 Graubaer’s Boker is a Purebred Belgian Malinois that is well trained and extremely talented. We are excited that Boker gets this chance to display his discipline and physical abilities to a great audience. This action packed show should prove Boker can handle just about any task and loves challenges. This is a great opportunity for Boker to prove he can handle himself in any situation and always gives 110%. Graubaer’s Boker will hopefully continue to pursue more work in the entertainment business. Boker has a great personality and is very friendly and controlled especially for a Belgian Malinois.

Graubaer’s Boker is a Superdog it seems there is nothing he can not handle or accomplish. To learn more about Boker check out his Website and Facebook. We will be releasing some pictures from his time on the set of this awesome show and alot of other news. Graubaer’s Boker  is also going to continue to compete and plans to acheieve his IPO3 this year too. If you have any questions about graubaer please leave a comment or email us at

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Graubaer’ Boker

Graubaers Boker at competion on the move

Graubaers Boker on the Move to recieve IPO certification

Hello and Welcome to Graubaer’s Boker’s Blog

Graubaers Boker is a purebred Belgian Malinois “Superdog” with amazing discipline and skills. Graubaer’s Boker is IPO 1 and IPO 2 certified dog that is 3 years old now. Boker is a controlled, aggressive competitor that will be going after his IPO 3 soon. He loves a challenge and never backs down, he always gives 110% in everything he does. Graubaer’s Boker comes from one of the most sought after bloodlines of  Belgian Malinois. His father is the famous Qenny Ot Vitosha and breed by Ivan Balabanov who is well recognized in the Belgian Malinois community. Boker is sure to make his own name in the canine sport world and hopefully in the entertainment business. Follow this Superdog here on our blog or he is also on Facebook and on

Fun, Informative Superdog Blog

This blog is gonna be a place where we can share experiences and thoughts on our journey with Graubaer’s Boker the Superdog. I will be posting news of events and competitions he will be in here along with the results. We also will be sharing some equipment and techniques for training a professional dog like Boker. Last but not least this blog will be a place where we can share some of the enjoyment of  being with Boker. Graubaer’s Boker is also going to be our stud dog for a breeding program so there will be pictures and information here   Hopefully you will enjoy and maybe learn something from this blog and comments are always welcome stay tuned cause there is plenty more to come.  If you want to contact us feel free at

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